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San Luis Obispo video production studio. We are team of writers, producers & directors dedicated to creating amazing video for our clients. We also enjoy making movies about accordian players and sporks, but that's another story.

Ismail Abdullah - Associate Producer

Ismail AbdullahIsh is also a Graduate of the Cal Poly SLO Graphic Communications Department with a concentration in Design. While he spends most of his time as a free lance designer and photographer, Ish has a passion for all Design, Photography, Cinematography, and the Fine arts.

Outside of his creative pursuits, Ish enjoys strong coffee drinks, quoting movie lines that have never been written, making music, learning new languages, cooking, marinating in new cultures, archery, rock climbing, scrambling through frost-bitten mountains, movie popcorn, and has a pretty solid camel clutch.

And in case you were wondering- Yes, he is the Mortgage Sherpa.



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